The Meditation Cushion

Thoughtfully engineered for daily practice.
The Fill
Memory Foam
Organic Buckwheat
Heavily Weighted
The Shell
Easy to Clean
Water Resistant
Made in New York. Designed for every body.
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Classic white on white
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Limited Edition
Walden x Shantell Martin
Limited edition of 100
35 five-star reviews
"Having the walden meditation cushion makes it easier for me to continue my daily meditations without skipping a day. The seat is so comfortable that I'm finally able to focus on the meditation rather than being distracted by discomfort."

– Jamie S.
"I absolutely love it! Having a Walden cushion in my home encourages me to meditate way more frequently than I would otherwise, and it's a great reminder to stay mindful. The cushion is beautifully designed and the most comfortable meditation cushion I've ever used."

– Morgane F.
"I got the headspace app back in February, used it for a few days, and then kind of dropped off. All my friends meditate and I've been trying to get back into it but something was missing. I got to try out a Walden cushion and instantly fell in love with it. I purchased the white one and I use it for 10 minutes every morning right after I wake up."

– Richard K.
"Super sturdy materials, and the support is great. WAY more comfortable that I imagined. Would definitely recommend this to anyone who needs a floor cushion, or to anyone who needs a reason to start meditating."

– John P.
"I absolutely LOVE this product!!! It is even more gorgeous than expected and SO comfortable, such a haven. The fabric is so soft and even the color is calming. Thanks so much for your fabulous product!"

– Alisa R.
Take it with you.
Leave it at home.

Made with care

Lovingly designed and manufactured in New York City.
Sustainable, organic, and hypoallergenic buckwheat hull sourced from Upstate New York
Top layer of gel-infused
memory foam
Top Layer
Elastic support band with integrated carry handle
Water resistant, antimicrobial zippered shell with easy-to-clean coating
Heavyweight fill and premium materials
adapt to fit your body type
Sustainable and organic buckwheat hull sourced from Upstate New York
Top layer of gel-infused memory foam
Elastic structural support band with integrated carry handle
Breathable, water resistant, anti-microbial zippered shell with stay-clean coating
Heavyweight fill and premium materials adapt to fit your body type

Why we made Walden

In the American imagination, Walden is the quintessential place of refuge – a spot for quiet self-reflection and clarity.

We believe everyone needs a space of their own to reflect, be present, and find comfort.

We created Walden to provide thoughtfully designed and meticulously engineered products to help you make that space.

Love and peace.
Eddie, Josh, & Calvin.